Marking A New Era.. Shifting To 5th Generation of Combat air warfare!!

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5TH Generation Fighters are unique and revolutionary aircraft designed from the beginning to integrate a wealth of technologies for the first time into a single platform.After the most popular 4th generation aircrafts, Advanced stealth, fighter agility, integrated information and sensor fusion, and a new level of reliability, maintainability and deployability – all are uniquely found in the  5TH Generation Fighters.

4th Generation aircrafts were very unique from the previous generations of fighter jets in their design, avionics, carrying of armaments and general radars and sensors, ( for more information on 4th Generation aircrafts.. check:  )

i myself am a great great fan of legendary fighter jets from the fourth generation. F-16, F-18, Su 35, J 10, eurofighter, mirage 2000 are some of the most remarkable inventions of all times.

Russian Su-35 A 4th Gen. Fighter


Subsonic, supersonic, high g’s, quick acceleration even loaded with air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons, the 5th Generation jets are true fighters while still incorporating their unmatched VLO stealth signatures. These airplanes, with their unique features of high-altitude supercruise and thrust-vectoring, surpasses any existing fighter.

With embedded antennas, aligned edges, internal weapons and fuel, and special coatings and materials, the F-35 uses stealth to pick and choose engagements while remaining virtually undetected by enemy defense systems.

You have to put those weapons inside to make your plane stealthy! a remarkable difference between two generations of fighter jets

Sensor fusion and automatic target tracking are projected to give the fifth-generation jet fighter pilot a view of the battlespace superior to that seen by AWACS ( airborne early warning and control ) aircraft that may be forced back from the front lines by increasing threats. Therefore tactical control could be shifted forwards to the pilots in the fighters. Michael Wynne, former Secretary of the United States Air Force, has suggested elimination of the Boeing E-3 Sentry and Boeing E-8 Joint STARS in favor of more F-35s, simply because so much effort is being made by the Russians and Chinese to target these platforms that are built to commercial airliner standards.

However, the more powerful sensors, such as AESA radar which is able to operate in multiple modes at the same time, may present too much information for the single pilot in the F-22, F-35 and T-50 to adequately use. The Sukhoi/HAL FGFA offers a return to the two-seat configuration common in fourth generation strike fighters

5TH generation fighters are designed to be significantly more reliable, maintainable and deployable than the fighters they replace. Upfront design emphasis has been placed on supportable advanced stealth, systems reliability and maintainability, onboard systems diagnostics and health monitoring, reduced support equipment, intelligent support systems, paperless technical support and worldwide supply chain management. With a smaller deployment footprint, 5TH generation fighters use half the airlift to deploy and operate and expose fewer personnel to risk. Such capabilities result in less force required, less total ownership cost and more expeditionary capability

With a solid communications structure, the 5th generation aircraft can function as a honeycomb which allows them to follow a distributed air con-ops.  This allows them to become a roving motorcycle gang able to operate in three-dimensional space. (Credit: Bigstock)

Welcome to a new era in military aviation

Heaven like !! A visit to KASHMIR ( Pakistan )

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During the 19th century rule, Kashmir was a popular tourist destination due to its climate. The railway to Rawalpindi, and a road thence to Srinagar made access to the valley easier. When the temperature in Srinagar rose at the beginning of June, the residents migrated to Gulmarg, which was a fashionable hill station during British rule. Rawalakot was another popular destination.

Few years back i happened to be in BAGH, a beautiful city, located just at the heart of AZAD KASHMIR ( Pakistan )

Surrounded by beautiful valleys and on the confluence of two mini nullahs- Malwani & Mall, which flow all the year round.

yes it was me cooling myself in MALWANI.... water was below freezing point... brrrrrrrr 😀

the district headquarters of district Bagh is 100 Kilometers from Muzaffarabad via Kohallah & 80 Kilometers via Suddhen Gali, 205 Kilometers from Islamabad and 48 kilometers from Rawalakot.

people of Bagh are brave, courageous and skilled, especially the artificers in the field of bakery & confectionery. The GULAB JAMANS ( a traditional sweet ) were of no match 🙂 . The well recognized ” Haji Peer Pass ” is about 32 kilometers from Bagh City linked with metalled road. Middle standard hotels, PWD and Forest rest houses are available for visitors, whereas, all the basic necessities of life are available in the Bagh bazars.

I visited some of the most beautiful sights in this world. Spell bounded landscapes were they ..

on my way to sudhan gali

Sudhan Gali (also known as Suddhen Gali) is a village located in Bagh District, Azad Kashmir. It lies on the main road that connects the district Bagh to Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir.

One of the most beautifful valleys in this planet, Sudhan gali.  Sudhan gali is located at the height of 7000 feet. This beautiful, scenic place attracts hundreds of tourists from all over Azad Kashmir and Pakistan. There are two guest houses for tourists, which are constructed very beautifully and attract large number of people each summer.

not a best capture.. but still it cann depict the scenic beauty of sudhan gali

Sudhan Gali is also home to some of the rarest forests in the region containing pine trees that are hundreds of years old. Due to lack of knowledge/interest, these forsest are now endangered to become extinct as locals continue deforestation by cutting down trees yet local/state governments seem to have no interest in saving them.

Before the earthquake it had been used as a base camp for hikers and trekkers for the Ganga Choti mountain which lies nearby

A major earthquake of 2005 had ruined this place, But by the grace of ALLAH and with the ultimate efforts of the local residents, this place has gained its previous stature again.

UNICEF focused their relief efforts on places at high altitudes like Sudhan Gali (which has an altitude of 2,134 metres).

According to UNICEF

People have lost warm clothing, housing, food and utensils, and that could have affected children – who are the most vulnerable. That’s why UNICEF decided to distribute [kits] at the high altitudes. Last year there was about 12 feet of snow in this area.


From Bagh, a 15-km long metalled road leads to Las Danna which is a place of captivating scenery and natural beauty. From Lasdanna, three roads branch off the main road, i.e. Mahmood gali-Palangi, Haji pir- Aliabad and Abbasspur- Hajira respectively. A tourist rest house is available here for accommodation

Lasdana is a view point of Kashmir. Sometimes it is difficult to breath there because of its high altitude.

pic taken from the tourist lounge of Lasdana

it rains almost every day in Lasdana, which makes the weather very chilly up there.

Tourists resort in Lasdanna

Heavy clouds over Lasdanna

We had a wonderful experience of fishing in one of the water streams near Bagh.

One day when i was enjoying the water stream , one of my family members called me and said that

“there is plenty of fish running down the water”..

That was it..there they were calling our hunger or i must say tempting us to catch them 😀

how did we get a net and how did we get those fish out of the water.. that’s a long story, but we really enjoyed fresh fried fish with SAMOSA’s that day 🙂

you can't be sure of its taste from its appearance but believe me that was way to much tasty

For all the adventure lovers, tourists.. Bagh ( Kashmir ) is a must visit place.

6th generation fighter jets

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As the the newly developed Chinese Chengdu J-20 and the Russian-Indian Sukhoi PAK FA now providing the current American fifth generation jet fighters with comparable opponents, development of a sixth generation jet fighter may be urgent for the US military.
Dubbed the “Next Generation Tactical Aircraft”/”Next Gen TACAIR”, the USAF seeks a fighter with “enhanced capabilities in areas such as reach, persistence, survivability, situational awareness, human-system integration and weapons effects,” a November 4, 2010 presolicitation notice states. “The future system will have to counter adversaries equipped with next generation advanced electronic attack, sophisticated integrated air defense systems, passive detection, integrated self-protection, directed energy weapons, and cyber attack capabilities. It must be able to operate in the anti-access/area-denial environment that will exist in the 2030–50 timeframe.”

So there are 30 to 40 years for Americans to built a State of art 6th gen Fighter.

but the thing is  how can they expect to handle a hypersonic war machine when can’t even handle a super sonic 😀 😀 point to ponder 😉 but they have 40 years to work on it.

The only 6th gen fighter jet currently proposed  is   Boeing F/A-XX 

Concept image of F/A-XX

We are touching our limits.. the question is , what type of weapons would that plane carry?

They must be armed with lasers.

Next Generation Air Dominance is a development and acquisition program for a future 6th gen air superiority fighter  to replace the US navy’s F-18 E/F Super hornet beginning in 2025. It is planned to incorporate sixth generation stealth capability. The aircraft is to be operated with or without a pilot, depending on the role.  Only Boeing is known to have interest in the program though northrop grumman is known to be developing a carrier-based aircraft known as the X-47B. A 1/16 scale model shown at the Navy League Sea Air Space Exposition 2010 shows a ‘Flying wing’ design with no vertical tails and twin engines.

The Air Force may have to move a little faster to develop that next generation fighter. While anticipated F-22 and F-35 inventories seem settled, there won’t be enough to fix shortfalls in the fighter fleet over the next 20 years, as legacy fighters retire faster than fifth generation replacements appear.

F-16 will be grounded in next 5 years or so, and will be replaced by f-35

China’s first flight test of its new high-tech J-20 stealth military jet on 11 January has drawn a lot of attention, particularly because it came during the visit of US defence secretary Robert Gates. What it means is another question, and the answers are complex.

Military analysts had known China was developing a combat plane in the class of the US F-22 Raptor stealth fighter, but they had not expected it to make its first appearance in December,aviation week and Space Technology reported. Several high-speed ground tests, in which the craft’s front wheel rose off the ground, preceded the first flight.

China has released videos of the new jet on the ground, taking off, and landing at Chengdu.The New York Times qouted a Hong Kong analyst as saying the plane flew for 15 minutes over the airfield. With two distinctive angled tail fins like those of the F-22, it’s clearly intended to be stealthy. The Times also reports it is intended carry missiles and fly long distances when refuelled in the air.

The demonstration worries some analysts because it’s the first aircraft to challenge the performance of the F-22, the top of the US air force’s fleet. “We have become accustomed to a world where our air power is dominant,” Rand Corporation analyst Roger Cliff told newsweek.

China's J-20

“But that dominance is now in question.” Once the J-20 is deployed, in that scenario, US top guns would lose their high-performance stealth advantage and no longer rule the skies.

I read a news letter on internet , it says that US may already have airborne radars able to spot stealth aircraft. . .

God knows..

From left to right, USAF fighter generations one through five, plus a placeholder for generation six. *Illustrations not to scale. (Illustrations by Zaur Eylanbekov)

The sixth generation fighter will likely have directed energy weapons—high-powered microwaves and lasers for defense against incoming missiles or as offensive weapons themselves. Munitions would likely be of the “dial an effect” type, able to cause anything from impairment to destruction of an air or ground target.

Materials and microelectronics technologies would combine to make the aircraft a large integrated sensor, possibly eliminating the need for a nose radar as it is known today. It would be equipped for making cyber attacks as well as achieving kinetic effects, but would still have to be cost-effective to make, service, and modify.

Moreover, the rapid advancement of unmanned aircraft technologies could, in 20 years or so, make feasible production of an autonomous robotic fighter. However, that is considered less likely than the emergence of an uninhabited but remotely piloted aircraft with an off-board “crew,” possibly comprising many operators.

A Northrop Grumman artist’s conception of a sixth generation fighter employing directed energy weapons and stealthy data networking. (Northrop Grumman illustration)

The Explorers

Muhammad Hassaan Rabbani is the founder of one of the oldest and most experienced adventure clubs in Pakistan TheExplorers ( He has been travelling since last many years and have led hundreds of groups to the North

I self discover myself through wandering, It is not always as easy as it seems to be.. The scar on my leg speaks about the dangers and pain involved in this sport, yet it is fulfilling.. Wandering is essential to realizing what it means to be human!! how hard life could be out of your comfort zones. The thrill of adventure is matchless.. Its tough when you are out of your hometown seeking nutrition of your soul.. As they say “Whenever you feel a little stricken down in pain, think about this. The knife has to be sharpened by striking and rubbing it against something strong before it can become useful! You are going to be great after the struggles.”img_3889

I have been travelling north since past 7 years. In pursuit of enrichment of my soul i have been to one of the most amazing places hosted by motherland. From scariest Jeep rides to one of the most scenic meadows. From terrifying glaciers to the Throne of Mountain Gods The Mighty Baltoro. From abandoned valleys to the joyful streets of Hunza and Gilgit. From hectic and nerve shaking treks to the most amazing lakes encompassing the beauty of my country.

Every year hundreds of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are being hosted by The Explorers to find out going to the mountains is going home, that wilderness is a necessity.. We support those people by arranging for them adventure trips, outdoor activities and a chance to spend sometime in wilderness. I have managed to have traveled with one of the most amazing, fulfilled and enthusiastic groups in Pakistan. I feel honored to Lead people to the places they have only dream of going. 

Travelling teaches you many things, few of those are steadfastness, humbleness and determination. Sometimes you ran of resources and you have to survive the worst in no-land. You are interacting with different cultures most of the times and Pakistan is a culture enriched country. Even in North, we find beautiful people from multiple different cultures living together in harmony. Adversities aside, travelling is fun. It helps you explore yourself. You get a chance to visit the master pieces of mother nature. Ever experienced sitting on a couch looking outside through your camp, having  snow covered mountains and pine trees in sight 😉 naaa.. Come travel with me, and i will let you experience the best of Pakistan



First thing you want to see when u get up 🙂


My most favorite place that i have visited up til now is Broghil Valley at the junction of Afghanistan Border. The valley is also called Along Wakhan Corridor.

The Broghil region along the Wakhan Corridor is an area yet to be explored. There exist secluded virgin valleys and grazing lands touching Afghanistan and the Central Asian states through this famous strip. The trek connects Yarkhun valley in Chitral to the Chapursan valley in Gojal(Hunza) and can be done both ways.During the times of The Great Game, this corridor was created as a buffer between the British empire in the sub continent and the Russians
This is one of the most amazing treks in Pakistan’s North because it offers everything that a trekker encounters during different trekking expeditions i.e. lush green meadows, high passes, glaciers, rivers, and some of the most beautiful lakes including the magnificent Karomber.


Hope to see you all on my upcoming adventure towards north 🙂   | A Winter trip like no other 🙂

Naran Kaghan Cycling Expedition

IMG_3809Last weekend we cycled around mesmerizing saifulmalook lake, then we headed back to naran on our bikes.. Next day we tried the downhill from Babusar top to naran.. O’Boy, what an experience it was… Throughout the day, it was very cloudy and misty. On the course of 80km’s, we almost descended from 13700ft to 8000ft. It was the most challenging bicycle ride I have ever done. the terrain was very rocky.. continuous rain had made it more slippery and difficult to bike on. We had crossed 3-4 water streams entering saifulmalook. The chilled and nerve freezing water, Extreme downhills and slippery terrain had made the ride really really thrilling and challenging. The lake and valley with its majestic and heart catching natural beauty and pleasant atmosphere attracts many from around the world to explore the tales and history associated to it. The tales of a villain Giant and beautiful princess..
Everything seems to be celebrating freedom.. horses were running around in ecstasy.. goats were grazing freely in the vast meadows and we were paddling and shutting up our screaming legs.. Nothing compares to the simple experience of chasing sheep on a bike along gigantic peaks, vast – beautiful, lush green meadows and soothing sound of river kunhar in the background.


A Road Trip to KKH – Hunza – Khunjerab Pass

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Greetings from Hunza, After spending a week among mountains, Its time to get back to work. Our journey started at around 12am from Lahore. Soon our mini bus was cruising on motorway. Our driver played old bollywood songs, but the youngsters in the bus demanded to switch to some party stuff..

char bottle vodka…

abhi to party shoro hue hay…

10km’s before bhera, The right Tire of the bus burst with an ear cracking sound. and then all of the sudden the songs started to make sense.. “abhi to parti shuru hue hay..”

This did not end there.. right after crossing kalar kahar, second tire was burst. At that point, we had both of the spare tires consumed and i had to do something for the group, so i asked one of my friends in mansehra and they arranged two brand new tires for me from taxila and we had them replaced as soon as we reached there.. It was already 12pm when we crossed Mansehra. That night, we had to spent in besham as we got late due to the unforeseen..


Next day started out early.. at 4:00am, we were on our way to Hunza, cruising on KKH. The construction of KKH was started in 1959 and was completed in 1979. About 810 Pakistanis and about 200 Chinese workers lost their lives

We struggled with bad road conditions from DASU to CHILLAS, with no signals and very hot and dusty weather. There was hardly any flat patch though Rollers were working there to make the road much smoother to travel.. In the afternoon we crossed chillas and here you go, right after raikot we experienced paved road and scenic views. The road from Raikot to Hunza provide one of the most scenic and expansive views.

Next to the road was this sign.. and to our luck, we were able to see the Killer mountain in its full glory..


Nanga Parbat has yet not been climbed in winter despite so many attempts.

Karakoram Highway following the indus river and accompanying the gigantic mountains looks splendid. making everything else look tiny and insignificant. On the way, we saw the GREAT 3

The place where Three Largest mountain ranges of the world meet.

1- Karakoram
2- Hindukash
3- Himalaya



That night was spent in Hunza.. and the next morning came with a view.. Right after opening our eyes, we had the beautiful rakaposhi in the sight.. woah..

We left Hunza for sost that at mid day and planned to scale the KKH uptil Khunjerab pass. After driving through the plateau most of the time where the road slowly climbed up, the last section of the road went steep with a couple of switchbacks where the snowcapped mountains looked down at the road. Shortly before the border line there was acheckpoint where an officer checked our ID cards and noted our strength. Few minutes later, we were at khunjerab pass. In the first world, where you get fined upon not wearing a seat-belt, here a bunch of people sitting on the roof or hanging on the rear of the van is a common sight and that too on the curvy roads where the danger is even higher as the vehicles may swing from side to side.. I was among those who reached Khunjerab pass on the roof of the bus. Phew, it was really really cold..


Khunjerab Pass, 4692m, marking the border between Pakistan and China is the highest international border crossing in the world.The atmosphere at this border was very relaxed. The tourists and the soliders from both side would often mingle with each other, at times going beyond the marked country border lines.

After spending a couple of hours at top, we descended back to SOST. The descend from the pass is gentle at the beginning but then it dipped sharply.

We had a scrumptious BAR B Q that night at sost.


Next Morning we descended back to attabad lake, the landscape turned into drier, When you are travelling at the KKH you cannot help but appreciate the engineering and the effort that went into making this gigantic road across mighty mountains.

We payed a small visit to Attabad lake and hussaini bridge on our way back to Hunza.

Over 25 km section of KKH was submerged in Atabad lake after the deadliest earthquake of 2005. The road disappeared into the lake and the means of communication were blocked. So people started to communicate through boats. Big Loader ships were introduced in the lake to transport Heavy trucks and buses across the mysterious lake.


The lake is  named after a village Atabad, one of the many villages submerged in it. Now a 7KM long tunnel has been constructed by passing the lake.

After boating through the beautiful lake, we visited the largest hanging bridge in the world. The famous hussaini bridge.

13321610_1066401710091756_3602254058168677396_nWow, what an experience it was, walking through the poorly maintained bridge, Where a slightest mistake could have had deadliest aftermath. The bridge was swinging with very strong wind and you have to hold on to the ropes very tightly to stay stable on it.

That night, we stayed in hunza, Hunza is a beautiful city, mainly famous because it offers mind blowing views of rakaposhi.. at least this is what i like the most about Hunza. Next morning we went to Baltit fort to pay tribute to the greats of Hunza and then started our journey towards Gilgit.


Baltit fort is an ancient fort, founded 700 years ago, in Karimabad.

We continued our journey on KKH towards besham and stayed in PTDC besham that night. View of the Balakot city situated on the banks of River Kunhar is amazing.. It was a very Hot day. the hottest day of our trip, and we reached Lahore.


The end. 🙂

K2, The Savage mountain.

I had a great yet challenging time going to K2 Base camp and conquering gondogoro-la 6000m Approx. 

K2 is the world’s 2nd highest mountain at 28,251’/8611m. It is located in northwest Pakistan about 30 miles from the border with India. K2 is called the Mountaineer Mountain and the Savage Mountain for its deadly and difficult reputation.

It is not climbed as often other 8000 meter mountain due to the technical difficulty and history of avalanches and deaths. As of 2012, the summit has seen about 334 successful ascents and 83 deaths, ranking it second for the dangerous 8000m peaks only after Annapurna.

I started my journey from Sakardu from where I went to askolay ( last civilization on way to K2 ) on 4×4 Jeep. I would have to add another brief post explaining the magical jeep ride of 8 straight hours that we had from Sakardu to Askolay.


From Askolay we started our trek towards K2 Base Camp (CONCORDIA) and it took us 6 days to reach Concordia. We climbed small rocks, crossed the Baltoro glacier, got our feet stuck in the white deserts of Baltoro. The camping sites were as follows.









K2 is the king of all mountains, you have to trek hard to get a glimpse of the throne of mountain Lords. This trek is considered as among one of the toughest treks around the world but also this trek is truly a trekkers Paradise giving you a marvellous view of one of the most amazing, sky scrapers including K2, Broad Peak, G1, M1, Laila Peak, etc. 

We stayed at concordia for one complete day and had a chance to capture the Savage mountain in one the best weather conditions one could ever get. 

Next day, after an early breakfast we left for ALI camp, on our way we crossed Vigne Glacier. The same night we attempted the Gondoro-la. Brrrrrrr…….

gon gon2

The view from the summit of this nearly 6000m.pass (Gondogoro La) is beyond description. In the opinion of many, it is simply the finest mountain panorama in the world. K-2, Broad Peak, the four Gasherbrums, Trinity Peak, Laila Peak and a multitude of lesser pinnacles touch the heavens all around you.

One must make an extra effort from Concordia to see this spectacle. The trek to the top of the Gondogoro La includes some 60 degree ice and snow slopes climbs that require the use of an ice axe, crampons, harness, helmet, ropes and carabiners.

Experiencing the Life from Top of the World cannot be explained in words 🙂

climb top

On our way back to sakardu  we pass shining alpine lakes, shepherds in their meadows and ancient villages. Masherbrum (7821 m.) shyly reveals her other side as we approach Hushe. Hushe is eastern Baltistan’s counterpart to Askolie, and home to many of the best climbers and mountaineers in Pakistan.

The following picture marked the end of a 15 days journey from Sakardu to Sakardu :)The rigged faces explain it all 🙂