Naran Kaghan Cycling Expedition

IMG_3809Last weekend we cycled around mesmerizing saifulmalook lake, then we headed back to naran on our bikes.. Next day we tried the downhill from Babusar top to naran.. O’Boy, what an experience it was… Throughout the day, it was very cloudy and misty. On the course of 80km’s, we almost descended from 13700ft to 8000ft. It was the most challenging bicycle ride I have ever done. the terrain was very rocky.. continuous rain had made it more slippery and difficult to bike on. We had crossed 3-4 water streams entering saifulmalook. The chilled and nerve freezing water, Extreme downhills and slippery terrain had made the ride really really thrilling and challenging. The lake and valley with its majestic and heart catching natural beauty and pleasant atmosphere attracts many from around the world to explore the tales and history associated to it. The tales of a villain Giant and beautiful princess..
Everything seems to be celebrating freedom.. horses were running around in ecstasy.. goats were grazing freely in the vast meadows and we were paddling and shutting up our screaming legs.. Nothing compares to the simple experience of chasing sheep on a bike along gigantic peaks, vast – beautiful, lush green meadows and soothing sound of river kunhar in the background.



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