Makra Peak Shogran Siri Paye

Mountaineering or the sport of climbing mountains is simply one of the finest outdoor opportunities available to the lover of high places. Mountain climbing is all about challenge and perseverance, about putting hands and feet onto rocks and ice and snow and finally reaching a summit. There, high above the world of cities and civilization, the climber can pause and look across a natural world ruled by nature and her raw beauty.

I visited Shogran Valley a couple of months ago, there I had a chance to climb Makra peak, 4000m approx. I was leading a group of 20+ nature enthusiasts. We had a great jeep safari from Shogran to Siri paye, where we camped for the night. Next morning we started climbing makra peak. The conditions were not pretty good, there was a lot of snow and maintaining balance was the hardest thing that had to be done there. 

on top scale on top


In pretty harsh conditions we managed to scale the mighty peak and were able to experience the raw beauty around the whole region. We stayed at top for around half an hour and came back to the camp site where we had bar b q and bon-fire to celebrate the achievement 🙂


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