America is losing Air dominance to China

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In my past few posts i have been discussing some of the Draw backs of american stealth fighters, they are less maneuverable. They cannot take very sharp turns and the most important thing is that they are designed for Dog fights ( F 35 lightning || ) and for close combats. What about BVR ( beyond visual range ) ? ? ?

america has been loosing air dominance to CHINA.

Chengdu J-20 is a serious threat to the air dominance of the U.S.It is also being reported that that J-20 is found to be better in stealth technology and also in speed and the ability to maneuver than the line fighters

One of the experienced U.S. Navy Fighter Pilot Matthew “Whiz” Buckley, a Top Gun graduate of the Navy Fighter Weapons School said, “It ( J 20 ) was built to reduce radar signatures. You can tell it has some serious stealth technology. My F-18 looks like an 18-wheeler on radar. That thing might not even show up.”

Richard Fisher, a senior fellow on Asian Military Affairs at the International Assessment and Strategy Center said, “From what we can see, I conclude that this aircraft does have great potential to be superior in some respects to the American F-22, and could be decisively superior to the F-35”

I would like to mention one more thing here that the J 20 is abnormally large in size which indicates that the aircraft will have high weapons and fuel payload capacity giving it long range and capacity to carry a lot more weapons than any other 5th Gen fighter. The nose is also well designed keeping in mind possibly large AESA radar.

Well now time will tell that who will get the air superiority and air dominance in near future


2 responses to “America is losing Air dominance to China

  1. Thats fine but one should base ALL of the conclusions on a single jet 🙂
    There are always secret inventions and innovations in the pipe line, prolly its the military personnel only who can judge it better who’s on the upper hand. May be this lose of dominance is for like a year or few months, if it is to based only on one fighter jet..

    • yeah that is why i said that time will tell us exactly that who is gaining and who is loosing air dominance.. while keeping in mind, the stats and the overall views and reviews of army personals is that america is loosing its air superiority. By the way many years back, Russia had challenged america in this field and look, Russian Su-35, is far more better then any of Americas 4++ generation jet.

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