Marking A New Era.. Shifting To 5th Generation of Combat air warfare!!

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5TH Generation Fighters are unique and revolutionary aircraft designed from the beginning to integrate a wealth of technologies for the first time into a single platform.After the most popular 4th generation aircrafts, Advanced stealth, fighter agility, integrated information and sensor fusion, and a new level of reliability, maintainability and deployability – all are uniquely found in the  5TH Generation Fighters.

4th Generation aircrafts were very unique from the previous generations of fighter jets in their design, avionics, carrying of armaments and general radars and sensors, ( for more information on 4th Generation aircrafts.. check:  )

i myself am a great great fan of legendary fighter jets from the fourth generation. F-16, F-18, Su 35, J 10, eurofighter, mirage 2000 are some of the most remarkable inventions of all times.

Russian Su-35 A 4th Gen. Fighter


Subsonic, supersonic, high g’s, quick acceleration even loaded with air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons, the 5th Generation jets are true fighters while still incorporating their unmatched VLO stealth signatures. These airplanes, with their unique features of high-altitude supercruise and thrust-vectoring, surpasses any existing fighter.

With embedded antennas, aligned edges, internal weapons and fuel, and special coatings and materials, the F-35 uses stealth to pick and choose engagements while remaining virtually undetected by enemy defense systems.

You have to put those weapons inside to make your plane stealthy! a remarkable difference between two generations of fighter jets

Sensor fusion and automatic target tracking are projected to give the fifth-generation jet fighter pilot a view of the battlespace superior to that seen by AWACS ( airborne early warning and control ) aircraft that may be forced back from the front lines by increasing threats. Therefore tactical control could be shifted forwards to the pilots in the fighters. Michael Wynne, former Secretary of the United States Air Force, has suggested elimination of the Boeing E-3 Sentry and Boeing E-8 Joint STARS in favor of more F-35s, simply because so much effort is being made by the Russians and Chinese to target these platforms that are built to commercial airliner standards.

However, the more powerful sensors, such as AESA radar which is able to operate in multiple modes at the same time, may present too much information for the single pilot in the F-22, F-35 and T-50 to adequately use. The Sukhoi/HAL FGFA offers a return to the two-seat configuration common in fourth generation strike fighters

5TH generation fighters are designed to be significantly more reliable, maintainable and deployable than the fighters they replace. Upfront design emphasis has been placed on supportable advanced stealth, systems reliability and maintainability, onboard systems diagnostics and health monitoring, reduced support equipment, intelligent support systems, paperless technical support and worldwide supply chain management. With a smaller deployment footprint, 5TH generation fighters use half the airlift to deploy and operate and expose fewer personnel to risk. Such capabilities result in less force required, less total ownership cost and more expeditionary capability

With a solid communications structure, the 5th generation aircraft can function as a honeycomb which allows them to follow a distributed air con-ops.  This allows them to become a roving motorcycle gang able to operate in three-dimensional space. (Credit: Bigstock)

Welcome to a new era in military aviation


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