Heaven like !! A visit to KASHMIR ( Pakistan )

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During the 19th century rule, Kashmir was a popular tourist destination due to its climate. The railway to Rawalpindi, and a road thence to Srinagar made access to the valley easier. When the temperature in Srinagar rose at the beginning of June, the residents migrated to Gulmarg, which was a fashionable hill station during British rule. Rawalakot was another popular destination.

Few years back i happened to be in BAGH, a beautiful city, located just at the heart of AZAD KASHMIR ( Pakistan )

Surrounded by beautiful valleys and on the confluence of two mini nullahs- Malwani & Mall, which flow all the year round.

yes it was me cooling myself in MALWANI.... water was below freezing point... brrrrrrrr 😀

the district headquarters of district Bagh is 100 Kilometers from Muzaffarabad via Kohallah & 80 Kilometers via Suddhen Gali, 205 Kilometers from Islamabad and 48 kilometers from Rawalakot.

people of Bagh are brave, courageous and skilled, especially the artificers in the field of bakery & confectionery. The GULAB JAMANS ( a traditional sweet ) were of no match 🙂 . The well recognized ” Haji Peer Pass ” is about 32 kilometers from Bagh City linked with metalled road. Middle standard hotels, PWD and Forest rest houses are available for visitors, whereas, all the basic necessities of life are available in the Bagh bazars.

I visited some of the most beautiful sights in this world. Spell bounded landscapes were they ..

on my way to sudhan gali

Sudhan Gali (also known as Suddhen Gali) is a village located in Bagh District, Azad Kashmir. It lies on the main road that connects the district Bagh to Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir.

One of the most beautifful valleys in this planet, Sudhan gali.  Sudhan gali is located at the height of 7000 feet. This beautiful, scenic place attracts hundreds of tourists from all over Azad Kashmir and Pakistan. There are two guest houses for tourists, which are constructed very beautifully and attract large number of people each summer.

not a best capture.. but still it cann depict the scenic beauty of sudhan gali

Sudhan Gali is also home to some of the rarest forests in the region containing pine trees that are hundreds of years old. Due to lack of knowledge/interest, these forsest are now endangered to become extinct as locals continue deforestation by cutting down trees yet local/state governments seem to have no interest in saving them.

Before the earthquake it had been used as a base camp for hikers and trekkers for the Ganga Choti mountain which lies nearby

A major earthquake of 2005 had ruined this place, But by the grace of ALLAH and with the ultimate efforts of the local residents, this place has gained its previous stature again.

UNICEF focused their relief efforts on places at high altitudes like Sudhan Gali (which has an altitude of 2,134 metres).

According to UNICEF

People have lost warm clothing, housing, food and utensils, and that could have affected children – who are the most vulnerable. That’s why UNICEF decided to distribute [kits] at the high altitudes. Last year there was about 12 feet of snow in this area.


From Bagh, a 15-km long metalled road leads to Las Danna which is a place of captivating scenery and natural beauty. From Lasdanna, three roads branch off the main road, i.e. Mahmood gali-Palangi, Haji pir- Aliabad and Abbasspur- Hajira respectively. A tourist rest house is available here for accommodation

Lasdana is a view point of Kashmir. Sometimes it is difficult to breath there because of its high altitude.

pic taken from the tourist lounge of Lasdana

it rains almost every day in Lasdana, which makes the weather very chilly up there.

Tourists resort in Lasdanna

Heavy clouds over Lasdanna

We had a wonderful experience of fishing in one of the water streams near Bagh.

One day when i was enjoying the water stream , one of my family members called me and said that

“there is plenty of fish running down the water”..

That was it..there they were calling our hunger or i must say tempting us to catch them 😀

how did we get a net and how did we get those fish out of the water.. that’s a long story, but we really enjoyed fresh fried fish with SAMOSA’s that day 🙂

you can't be sure of its taste from its appearance but believe me that was way to much tasty

For all the adventure lovers, tourists.. Bagh ( Kashmir ) is a must visit place.


7 responses to “Heaven like !! A visit to KASHMIR ( Pakistan )

  1. Hello Hassaan, awesome and senic, wow so high you loose your breath, shew thats a mountain. My mom has been to India, and planning to go again, she loves it there, but now looking to go more North too! My sister -in-law , well she still not sure to go again( I think all the rats freaked her out, wha ha ha!). Not that I could remember all the names and places, but hey its on here now. I hope you had some great Indian dishes for dinner, Indian food is fantastic, take care . Bye.

  2. I can’t believe how green everything is. I suppose us Americans have very different (and incorrect) images of what life is like in this part of the world. I think your blog will go a long way to correcting us and our misconceptions. I feel like I’ve been there now by reading this blog entry. The water just looks cold in that picture! You’re braver than I would have been – I wouldn’t have even stuck my big toe in:) Thanks for sharing!

    • yes absolutely.. the american media have specially, portrait a very false image of Pakistan and Kashmir, through out the world.
      i hope you visit pakistan to see what exactly is here.. how friendly and loving are we 🙂 thanks for your comment

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