6th generation fighter jets

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As the the newly developed Chinese Chengdu J-20 and the Russian-Indian Sukhoi PAK FA now providing the current American fifth generation jet fighters with comparable opponents, development of a sixth generation jet fighter may be urgent for the US military.
Dubbed the “Next Generation Tactical Aircraft”/”Next Gen TACAIR”, the USAF seeks a fighter with “enhanced capabilities in areas such as reach, persistence, survivability, situational awareness, human-system integration and weapons effects,” a November 4, 2010 presolicitation notice states. “The future system will have to counter adversaries equipped with next generation advanced electronic attack, sophisticated integrated air defense systems, passive detection, integrated self-protection, directed energy weapons, and cyber attack capabilities. It must be able to operate in the anti-access/area-denial environment that will exist in the 2030–50 timeframe.”

So there are 30 to 40 years for Americans to built a State of art 6th gen Fighter.

but the thing is  how can they expect to handle a hypersonic war machine when can’t even handle a super sonic 😀 😀 point to ponder 😉 but they have 40 years to work on it.

The only 6th gen fighter jet currently proposed  is   Boeing F/A-XX 

Concept image of F/A-XX

We are touching our limits.. the question is , what type of weapons would that plane carry?

They must be armed with lasers.

Next Generation Air Dominance is a development and acquisition program for a future 6th gen air superiority fighter  to replace the US navy’s F-18 E/F Super hornet beginning in 2025. It is planned to incorporate sixth generation stealth capability. The aircraft is to be operated with or without a pilot, depending on the role.  Only Boeing is known to have interest in the program though northrop grumman is known to be developing a carrier-based aircraft known as the X-47B. A 1/16 scale model shown at the Navy League Sea Air Space Exposition 2010 shows a ‘Flying wing’ design with no vertical tails and twin engines.

The Air Force may have to move a little faster to develop that next generation fighter. While anticipated F-22 and F-35 inventories seem settled, there won’t be enough to fix shortfalls in the fighter fleet over the next 20 years, as legacy fighters retire faster than fifth generation replacements appear.

F-16 will be grounded in next 5 years or so, and will be replaced by f-35

China’s first flight test of its new high-tech J-20 stealth military jet on 11 January has drawn a lot of attention, particularly because it came during the visit of US defence secretary Robert Gates. What it means is another question, and the answers are complex.

Military analysts had known China was developing a combat plane in the class of the US F-22 Raptor stealth fighter, but they had not expected it to make its first appearance in December,aviation week and Space Technology reported. Several high-speed ground tests, in which the craft’s front wheel rose off the ground, preceded the first flight.

China has released videos of the new jet on the ground, taking off, and landing at Chengdu.The New York Times qouted a Hong Kong analyst as saying the plane flew for 15 minutes over the airfield. With two distinctive angled tail fins like those of the F-22, it’s clearly intended to be stealthy. The Times also reports it is intended carry missiles and fly long distances when refuelled in the air.

The demonstration worries some analysts because it’s the first aircraft to challenge the performance of the F-22, the top of the US air force’s fleet. “We have become accustomed to a world where our air power is dominant,” Rand Corporation analyst Roger Cliff told newsweek.

China's J-20

“But that dominance is now in question.” Once the J-20 is deployed, in that scenario, US top guns would lose their high-performance stealth advantage and no longer rule the skies.

I read a news letter on internet , it says that US may already have airborne radars able to spot stealth aircraft. . .

God knows..

From left to right, USAF fighter generations one through five, plus a placeholder for generation six. *Illustrations not to scale. (Illustrations by Zaur Eylanbekov)

The sixth generation fighter will likely have directed energy weapons—high-powered microwaves and lasers for defense against incoming missiles or as offensive weapons themselves. Munitions would likely be of the “dial an effect” type, able to cause anything from impairment to destruction of an air or ground target.

Materials and microelectronics technologies would combine to make the aircraft a large integrated sensor, possibly eliminating the need for a nose radar as it is known today. It would be equipped for making cyber attacks as well as achieving kinetic effects, but would still have to be cost-effective to make, service, and modify.

Moreover, the rapid advancement of unmanned aircraft technologies could, in 20 years or so, make feasible production of an autonomous robotic fighter. However, that is considered less likely than the emergence of an uninhabited but remotely piloted aircraft with an off-board “crew,” possibly comprising many operators.

A Northrop Grumman artist’s conception of a sixth generation fighter employing directed energy weapons and stealthy data networking. (Northrop Grumman illustration)


9 responses to “6th generation fighter jets

  1. Thank U my brother for this insightful article and the magnificent pictures. I’ll definitely educate myself on fighter planes…and thanks for appreciating my “Bombing of Hiroshima” piece. God bless you.

  2. Wohh precisely what I was searching for, thankyou for posting . “Arguments are like fire-arms which a man may keep at home but should not carry about with him.” by Samuel Butler.

  3. This is really informative. I just hope that in the future we won’t totally mechanzie warfare with drones, or we’ll make it too easy to wage war by dehumanizing it. As it stands now, we need to have witnesses to war’s horrors in order to try and prevent it in the future. If we make war machines too much like video games, I fear we’ll lose part of our humanity. Thanks for another great post!

  4. amazing dude~, I really wanted to know about a possible sixth gen fighter, do you know if this will have like ram jet tech or something?

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