5th Generation Fighter Jets. ( The STEALTH Version )

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A fifth-generation jet fighter is a fighter aircraft classification used in the United States encompassing the most advanced generation of fighter aircraft. Fifth-generation aircraft are the most advanced as of 2011, designed to incorporate numerous technological advancements over the class similarly dubbed fourth generation, including all-aspect stealth even when armed.

The only currently combat-ready fifth-generation fighter, the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor, entered service with the U.S. Air Force in 2005..

There are no arms visible under the wing, u have to put those missiles inside for low rcs if u want ur jet to be stealthy ...

The other 3 fifth generation machines are ..

1. Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II

2. Chinese Chengdu J-20 Annihilator


3. Russian Sukhoi PAK FA

Lookheed martin F35

Israel will get hundreds of these machines in 2015, this jet will be functional and ready to roll in 2015 and many countries have already booked it including Israel, India, Australia, Canada, America itself… etc

Weapon bay of Chinese J 20, to make the plane stealthy, the weapon system is hidden inside the plane. Many peaple say that it is the copied version of F22 RAPTOR.. China can do it 😀 😀

Chinese air force will get these planes ready in 2018

one of the most luxurious cockpits .. yes it is the chinese version 😀

And now the last one is the Russian Sukhoi PAK FA

Sukhoi Pak Fa will be the first Russian 5th generation superfighter.
Military officials promised to show its first prototype in 2009 and to start the production in 2010.
There is still not much information about this jet, but it’s said it could be even better then US F-22 Raptor.
Those concepts are made by Russian industrial designer Aleksander Dultsev.
Unfortunately, the real Sukhoi Pak Fa will not be that cool.

Point to ponder!! for the fifth generation aircraft, India is going to have a deal with USA instead of Russia. A big change


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  1. A great way to organized what you find & shares in your blog…
    Another great set of resources!! I am going to share this post with my readers this week… Endless possibilities..

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  4. Your welcome. I have a few airplane type thoughts:
    1. My neighbor is 53 years old and her parent’s used to own The Knapp Airport in Berlin, Vermont. They had her hospitalized in The Vermont State Hospital; which there used to be a children’s ward there when she was a child because she has seizures… has her whole life or most of her whole life. She did not get out of The VSH until she was 21 years old, because of this she is still a client of our county’s mental health agency (Washington County Mental Health) and they are totally corrupt. I believe that it affects FAA regulation inadvertantly and travel leisures and stuff like that. Washington County Mental Health they use my neighbor Sandy for the pay checks that they get that they do not deserve. Luckily Sandy is a very nice and hopeful person, but they have totally driven her insane. They persist in doing it, because as long as she is “ill” then they get a pay check.

  5. Do you know where Vermont is? It is an upper middle class state. This airport is right near the state capitol. Come to think if it though I never said that the information was going to help you. Do you need help with some thing? I have not read your blog. I just saw a lot of air planes on it and I was guessing that you might have a pilot’s license?

  6. What? Lol? I was just blabbing about something having to do with airports, because you have planes on your website. My grandfather from Northfield, Veront was a personal pilot, but he died when my mother was a teenager, so I never met him.

  7. You also said that you were intrigued by my website so I was trying to think of what about me YOU would find intriguing. I have cooked for Sandy for 4 years because of her age and her seizures. She knew my grandfather that I mentioned above.

    • actually my website is based on the technological advancements in fighter jets
      i am not a pilot myself but i am an airforce freak! so i take a lot of interest in combat aircrafts.
      2ndly i liked the way yoou have managed your blog thats it 🙂

  8. Ok, cool if thats just it…thank you. I think that I do have a pretty orderly blog. My ex fiance from AZ was an Army Ranger Paratrooper for The US Army before I met him. He dropped out of helicopters.

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