sometimes i feel that sky has been made for me.. ahh..

Since my childhood i had been into guns and fighter planes .. i had a dream to fly.. to fly high up in the dark skies..

visual of mirage from b52's window

I believe that ALLAH ( GOD ) Almighty have determined the destination for his every creation. Regardless of my utmost desire i had been rejected from both army and airforce, BUT yet i know that I SHALL RISE !!

engines checked!! ready to take off.. zzzzzoooooooooooooooooommmmmm...

I feel that while flying high, you are close to GOD

So, now here i am doing myΒ graduation , with a dream to Fly πŸ™‚

HOD of a F-16

view of a F 16 from the Head Of Display of the F 16 πŸ™‚ awesome sight to watch na??? πŸ™‚


7 responses to “MY DREAM.. :)

    I think we should be proud of what teh pakistan army is doing and we all should pray and give huge respects to the jawans who have lost theirs lives in the name of pakistan..!!

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