Nathia Gali ” Heaven on Earth “

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Sitting on a couch looking outside through window, having  snow covered mountains in my sight and monkeys running blind on my Hotel’s roof top , i had been doing full justice with my nicely cooked BROAST , served with chilli sause and red chillis 😀 . It was the Taj Mahal hotel of NATHIA GALI.

By the way i just got to know one thing that According to Washington Post Correspondent, Chicken Roast of Taj Mahal Hotel is the best in the world 😀 yumm yumm.

NATHIA GALI is a mountain resort town  in Hazara Pakistan. Nathiagali is known for its scenic beauty, hiking tracks and pleasant weather, which is much cooler than the rest of the Galiaath due to it being at a greater altitude.

Mushkpuri track Nathiagali

Monkeys are everywhere in Nathiagali, they are running in the markets,  jumping over metal roofs and sometimes they even poke in to  your rooms window as to say HELLO . .

Taking sun bath 😀

Ready Set JUMPPPPPP!!!! lol

yes.. they are everywhere

The natural scenery is highly magnificent. It is actually famous for it scenic beauty, the lush green meadows, deep forests of oak, cedar and pine, fog in July/August present a glory. In winter snowfall makes scene more attractive and beautiful. I prefer you to go there in summers.

Mushkpuri top! heaven isnt it?

Nathiagali is situated an hours drive from both MURREE and ABBOTTABAD , both the drive ways are rich in natural beauty. Walnut, Oak, and Maple trees as well as pines add to the tranquility of this serene place. In winter , both the drive ways get covered with deep snow and it all add to the beauty of this magnificent place.

Summers are very pleasant in NATHIAGALI

Winters add charm to this place

Fog can fall here within seconds even after rainfall. In summers one can experience himself between heavy clouds. In few seconds you can watch clouds nearing by and then setting themselves in your feet 🙂 yeah seriously. .

oh its mee 😀

may ur soul rest in peace 😀 😛

mushkpuri track

And finally things to do while in Nathia Gali. 😉
1. Green Spot
2. Dunga Gali Pine Line Track ( mushkpuri track )
3. Nathiagali’s Church
and if you have time then do visit
This heaven on earth is a must visit place 🙂

6 responses to “Nathia Gali ” Heaven on Earth “

  1. heavy natural stuff hassan keep it up may Allah Help u achieve ur task of spreading the word
    that Allah is The only creator through your natural pictures 🙂
    all of these depicts life heavily !!

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