About me

Hi all,

Travel with Hassaan is my blog and i welcome you all here.  So I am a Traveller, trekker, mountaineer by passion and a Software Engineer by profession. I am a keen researcher of War Machines. So put it that way I am a Travel psychopath who knows how to code 😀


hope you read and love my posts 🙂



43 responses to “About me

  1. Hey Hassaan thanks for checking me out . I enjoyed your blog which has a lot more content then mine and is way more detailed. I see you study computer science , as for me I am beginner and would be open to any suggestions or ideas you may have . I am confused as to exactly how to utilize this forum and can use some input. May I also ask how did you stumble upon the post ? If and when you have a opportunity please reply to me via email stevesweatnyc@gmail.com.
    Hope to hear from you soon thanks.

  2. Thank you for visiting my site and I like yours as well. Been a hot summer, so I really enjoy the photo of the water rushing around you – looks COLD!

  3. Hi Hassaan,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! You are doing well on yours! Keep writing about what you like (planes, flying), see and do, ( your photos of Pakistan are beautiful) and about what you know and think. It is your blog, you can write about anything! That’s the beauty of having your spot on the web, my blog friend.

    Visit other blogs, leave comments (nice ones are best!) and usually they will visit yours, along with some of their visitors. Have fun, be you and enjoy!

  4. I’m looking at your responses already and with the number of pretty girls I’d say you don’t need much advice. One thing…. keep your blogs brief. Better to have something to say on multiple days then to have a very long blog that people tire of reading.

  5. Hello Hassaan, thank you for your reply. Fantastic pictures , and hobby you have, I always like flying machines. My suggestion would be keep it up with the time you have, sometimes writers block gets hold of you , well wordpress.com offers some Topics for the day , its nice to respond to that to just , again get inspired. My biggest inspiration I would say are people, their places and their cultures. I have many interests, but would like to focus on my movements where ever and when ever they occur. Sure some stuff just seems too boring to blog about, so the use of the editing and delete button is great……but words do also add to some pictures and can make them fun. Bye.

  6. O hello Hassaan, me again, just a quick one. If you like adventures try and get a nice mountain bike, camera on the helmet if you fly fish or go social riding with friends, pack your camera, maybe a little recorder too, just in case you need to ‘jot down something.Bye.

  7. Hi Hassan.. 🙂 i was led here to your blog through a message you wrote me, thank you for checking out my blog.. 🙂 i have to say, i dont really know anything about military aviation, but iv learned a lot from your blog, thanx for sharing.. :-D, your description of yourself is just magnificent.. 🙂

  8. Thanks for tagging my blog, Hassaan! One of my gigs was to help sell U.S.-made jets to foreign armies. I had some cool books on this subject but gave them all away.



  9. This is a cool blog , Mr. Hassaan!
    I have been to a flying club in lahore for some purposes, met many great young pilots and saw the whole class setup thing…. it was awesome… I wish they could at least give me a ride…… or fly it for fun

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